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Crank Sensor

Part Number Crank Sensor
Crank Sensor
Crank Sensor
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Brand New Honeywell Microswitch Hall Effect Sensor

If you need to replace the Crank Position Sensor in your Saab 900 or Saab 9000, you can save $200+ by buying this sensor component!  You'll need to re-use the mounting bracket from your car and also the wiring harness with connector.

This fix will only work for the Crankshaft Position Sensor style that is mounted behind the Crank Pulley (a.k.a. Harmonic Balancer).
Saab 900: 1990-1993 (and '94 convertible)
Saab 9000: 1986-1993

Penny is shown for size comparison.  Ships Free via USPS First Class Mail.

This hall effect sensor component is used in Saab P/N: 7484546, 7482540, 8786246, 9133067, and 9130493. It is compatible with other members of the Honeywell Microswitch "4AV" family of sensors: 4AV15F, 4AV16F, 4AV17F, 4AV18F, and 4AV19F.