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About Us

Thanks for stopping by www.SaabRanch.com -- this website is owned and operated by a small business named "NEW Distributing, LLC."

My name is Markus and here with a little bit of background information about myself and this site.

I bought my first Saab over 20 years ago -- a beautiful white '87 9000 Turbo.  As a broke college student, I had no business buying such a vehicle.  I didn't have the money required to have the local dealership maintain the car... and also suffered from a terrible lacks of tools (and skills).  Out of necessity, I learned to work on the car myself... and I haven't looked back since.

Over the past two decades, I have built a large collection of cars and spare parts.  And, more importantly, I've also built great friendships with other Saab owners.  

Naturally, there has been a lot of buying and selling of parts over the years.  And, at times, it's been hard to manage things/life efficiently with parts requests coming via phone calls, emails, Saab forums, eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.  

So, to help better organize things, I created this web site with the following goals:
  • Better identification and organization of parts
  • Keeping accurate, updated inventory levels
  • Providing a central location for all orders and payments
  • Simplification of the shipping process (both quoting costs and printing labels)
  • Better communication of order status and access to tracking numbers for shipments
I've enlisted the help of some other local Saab enthusiasts to help keep things running smoothly.  We chose "3D Cart" software to manage and host our store... while this is not a cheap option, it's the best way we've found to provide a safe, secure order environment.  Payments are processed by Paypal.

This is a part-time, low-key operation run by Saab nuts.  We do our best to run things professionally, but do run into limitations at times.  We pledge to always be honest and straight-forward with our communications.

If you've got any questions or requests, please email: help@saabranch.com

Used parts are sourced from many places including personal vehicles, other Saab collectors and enthusiasts, salvage yards, etc.  Used parts are primarily stored and packaged in a local warehouse.  Components are sourced from suppliers around the world.   Kits are designed and built in-house.

Our site has been focused on sales to the USA.  We are willing to ship internationally, but need to handle each international order on a case-by-case basis as we continue to learn.  Please contact help@saabranch.com for additional information about international orders.

Our mailing address:
331 Jerelyn Ct
Combined Locks, WI 54113